TGBS Lit Fest 

"A Reader lives a thousand life’s before he dies"

TGBS had organized its very first TGBS Lit Fest on 1st April 2021: A book review event for all the students of PGDM 20-22 batch. This was a new initiative taken up by the book mentors to equip the students with a rich reading experience. The Objective behind this event was to know the gist and learning’s of every book be it either management or non-fiction books in a short span of time. As we all know all fingers are not the same likewise every individual perception is different, which showed us that if we didn’t like any book just by reading its title – The book has much more to tell us. Students formed groups and presented a summary review on a different of book. The way every group had portrayed about a book showcased that never say a no to read any book. Whatever comes in your hand read it patiently and have focus because even one page of the book can teach you lessons in life.