Communicating our way to Success  

A session was conducted on the topic ‘Communicating our way to Success’ under the series of ‘Learning with the Legend’ on 3rd November 2022. The keynote speaker was Mr. Ashok Ramachandran, CEO & President, Schindler India. He enlightened the students on how they can give a power packed introduction during interviews. The speaker gave encouraging examples from his own life experiences and inspired students to be enhanced leaders of tomorrow. The important qualities of a good leader were discussed; in addition, the importance of good communication skills was shared with the students which are an integral part of the industry. He also gave a mantra to students, that can be often given to ourselves when we don’t succeed in a particular task i.e. ‘Success= No Success + A good Explanation’. He also spoke how students must inculcate qualities such as Humility, Gratitude and No Comparison in their lives. The session was concluded with a Q&A round followed by a vote of thanks.