Equity Research & Valuation  

TGBS conducted training programme on “Equity Research & Valuation” for semester 3 finance students between 18th September to 17th October 2021, by Mr.Vinit Bolinjkar, instructor, School of market studies & Equity research head Ventura securities.

Day 1 covered Geo political aspects of various economies which made students clear on how the different nations are linked to each other.

Day 2 covered smart pointers of how to analyse an industry, formation of each industry and their fundamentals were discussed.

Day 3 & 4 covered how to review a company performance, peer comparison, important ratios to be kept in mind while analyzing a company. How to analyze an IPO what are the evolving industries.

Day 5 & 6 was focused on technical analysis various tools of technical analysis were discussed with the help of live market charts. Like hanging man, hammer, head & shoulder, RSI, MACD, triple top bottom. Students found the session much useful, live example oriented & insightful and raised meaningful questions as well during the training. Trainer appreciated the curiosity among students and answered to the satisfaction of students.