Investment Banking and Private Equity 

The training on “Investment Banking and Private Equity” by Mr. Viswanathan from Imarticus was held from 11th-20th January, 2021 for the finance students. The curriculum included Introduction to securities market, money market, products traded in the market, market participants, risk management, clearing and settlement processes.

The training intended to provide detailed knowledge on Investment Banking and Private Equity. In the session, students learnt about investment banking operations, trade life cycle, derivative strategies, and importance of corporate actions. Also, students were provided information on deal structure, fund accounting and private equity concepts.

The students were taken through the case studies and market related scams with real market operation. The training provided students with in-depth knowledge about the financial concepts along with offering them various real-world experiences.

The training ended with an online test for all the participants to evaluate the learning process from the session.