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International Women’s Day

On March 08, 2021, Ms. Rhea Pai, COO-TEG started the session with an address on International Women’s day with the core objective to do some self-introspection unto self-realisation.

A pledge was taken by all the participants to mark the International Women’s day of 8th March 2021, and commit to work towards the following for well being of whole self :

  • Self can and choose to raise my words not my voice
  • Self can and choose to be powerful without being aggressive .
  • Self can and choose to be grateful to be born as a woman and radiate grace in     all roles that life brings .
  • Self with the knowledge of true identity which is the being / energy, can and     choose to look at self and others beyond gender.
  • Self with the consciousness of true identity, can and choose to experience     infinite potential.
  • Self can and choose a new outlook towards self and others leading to equality .
  • Self can and choose to nurture & nourish the feminine energies. Feminine     energies comprise of compassion and humility.
  • Later, the male members were invited to be part of the session and applause was exchanged between female and male members with a standing ovation for each other thereby communicating an equal and interdependent role of male and female energies in the Universe.