Operation Hall of Fame  

To help students interact with alumni so as to get better exposure to the corporate world and prepare themselves for the final placement in the future by going through Alum lead – GD and PI followed by an Aptitude test. of as a process has been constituted to give rigorous practice to our students for better preparing them for upcoming SIP recruitment processes in semester II. The Operations Department organized the 14th HoF for the semester I students (3rd HoF for the semester I PGDM students) on 30th October 2021. The event flow was - Group Discussion, CV assessment, PI by and then Aptitude e test The session was focused on different profiles so as to prepare the mentees for different opportunities in - Campus placement, Lateral placement, PPOs etc. Samyakkumar helped students through the first offline HoF by way of supervising GD, PI and giving collective - feedback to the students postmarking them for HoF.