Secrets of Success and Happiness in the Corporate Environment 

TGBS conducted its Guest Session on 11th November, 2020 on the zoom platform where the young talent of the institute had an opportunity to communicate with Mr. Vikas Chadha, Managing Director at Global Infosys Ltd. Approximately 100 participants attended the event online. The unique part of the event was that it was completely planned and managed by the student organisers under the guidance of the faculties and the head of the institute. This unique initiative by TGBS aimed at bringing awareness among the students about the corporate environment and to inculcate management skills in them. The guest speaker shared his wonderful journey and the real world experiences which helped the students to understand various important aspects of the corporate life and the industry at large. The guest speaker also shared some valuable secrets of being successful and happy even in the most difficult times of corporate life. Some important takeaways with respect to the skills and attitude were also shared by the guest speaker. The entire session has not only helped the students understand where they stand but it has also motivated them to work upon their areas of improvement and eventually ensure their overall development and a happy survival in the corporate environment.